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Gray County

Walk Kansas 2017

 Guides for Getting Started - How to Register Online

Online Captains Guide

Online Participant Guide

Photo Challenge

Fruits and Vegetables Guide

**Online Log-in and Registration is available starting February 22nd**

March 19th-May 13th

Walk Kansas is a team-based program that will help you and others lead a healthier life. Join this program and

  • Be more active with friends and family
  • Make better nutrition choices
  • Walk away your stress

The team packets, with Captain's Guide, Individual Guides, and log sheets can be picked up at the Extension Office!

How does Walk Kansas work?

Co-workers, family members, friends and neighbors form teams of 6 people who will track minutes of physical activity and food choices during the 8-week challenge.

Each team identifies a goal, or challenge, it wants to reach. Three challenges are offered. Challenge 1 is the distance across the state, and would require each member to reach the minimum guidelines for physical activity, 150 minutes per week. To reach Challenge 2, the team must go across and back, or 5 hours per week for each participant. Challenge 3 takes the team 1200 miles around the perimeter of the state, a 6-hour-per-week goal for each person.

Walking isn't the only activity that counts. Read through your "Move More – Feel Better, Physical Activity Guide" to learn about moderate and vigorous activities that count, and strengthening exercises. Just a reminder – any activity you report should be performed for a minimum of 10 consecutive minutes.

Participants record daily fruit and vegetable consumption.

Team members report progress to their team captain each week. Team captain reports totals to local program each week.

Friendly competition can be motivating so check team progress on this website.

Reporting and Forms



Walk KS Team registration form

Walk KS Individual Registration form


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